Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sticks and stones may break my bones...and hallways too...

Here WAS my list for today:

8:45 Drop kids off at school
8:50-11:00 run errands/last minute christmas stuff
11-1 See TWILIGHT!
1-3 finish errands for son's party
3:05 pick kids up from school
3-6 clean/cook get things ready for party

Here is what I actually did today:

8:45 Sent 8yo w/ hubby to get a ride to school
9:00 Take Abby to Dr. because her foot (which she hurt on Sunday night - running, tripped, bent foot backwards) was still bothering her
9:30 Dr. says foot is most likely broken/receive referral for x-rays & orthopedic dr.
9:35 Drop secret santa gift off at school/say hi & bye to Abby's teacher
10:15 arrive at Imaging Center (in San Diego a half hour away)/have x-rays
11:00 arrive at orthopedist
12:00 go BACK to Imaging Center for 2 more x-rays
1:00 arrive back at orthopedist to get cast boot for daughters broken foot (very small/minor fracture in the bone on the top of her foot)
1:05 head out to run a few of the many errands I wanted to do today
4:30 hit Friday/holiday traffic
5:00 get home & drop off packages
5:15 go to Albertson's to get food for the party!
5:50 get home and clean

Good news is - my daughter will be fine. She only has to wear the cast boot for 3 weeks. But she was very tired out by last night! And sadly - I didn't get to see Twilight again either.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I added a widget!

I'm learning something new every day! I added the Muse widget to my blog all by myself! LOL Muse is one of my favorite bands. I'd never heard of them until I heard Starlight on the radio just over a year ago. Little did I know - they'd played in San Diego TWICE before then. ARGH!! Hopefully, someday I will get to see them live. Of course, I've missed seeing U2 3 times in concert as well. *sigh*

If you haven't seen the movie Twilight, GO NOW! 2 words - the BASEBALL SCENE! Made all the more dramatic by Muse!

MUSE in Twilight